German and Kazakhstan : new cooperation to a new level

Within the framework of the project «German-Kazakhstan cooperation in the field of biosafety and biosecurity» on 5 April 2017 in M. Aikimbayev's Kazakh Scientific Centre for Quarantine & Zoonotic Diseases a meeting was held of the scientific staff of the Department of Virology and rickettsiosis

Establishment of international standarts for the CRL

In the final approval stage of standard operating procedures ( further - SOPs) for Central Reference Laboratory. Great efforts had been made to harmonize to the smallest detail with all interested ministries and departments (Ministry of Agriculture and – Ministry of Education and Science), actually standards to affect all aspects of engineering activity, scientific research work, questions of biological security and biosafety. The effectiveness of approved SOP will be revealed in the next stage – during the training on all fields of activity.

Training of Ebola in Almaty

Large-scale training exercises of hospitalization and diagnostics of suspected cases of Ebola held in Almaty. All events, including meeting the "patient" at the airport with special services, isolation from others, emergency delivery by special transport accompanied by the road patrol service in the City Infectious Diseases Hospital taking into account all factors are fulfilled in conditions as ,

Refresher training courses of veterinarians

In the M. Aikimbayev's Kazakh Scientific Centre for Quarantine & Zoonotic Diseases for the first time in 2016 during the period from november 23 to december 27 (270 h) specialists of veterinary service with the higher veterinary education were provided refresher training "Methods and techniques of work with especially dangerous infections of II – IV groups of pathogenicity".