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The head of KSCQZD named after  M. Aykimbayev

Ayazbayev Timur Zekenovich

Biography of the head

Ayazbayev Timur Zekenovich, 16 June 1961, graduated from the  Kharkiv  Medical University on specialty « hygiene, sanitation, epidemiology" in 1985.  He started his career in as a medical epidemiologist in the Ural regional sanitary-epidemiological station (further – SES).  He has a rich practical work experience, with especially dangerous infections, as already in 1986 was appointed epidemiologist in the department of especially dangerous infections of the Ural regional SES, where worked for  more than 13 years, taking an active part in epidemiological investigation and liquidation of anthrax outbreaks, brucellosis, rabies. From 2000 to 2006  engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

In 2006 was appointed to West Kazakhstan regional center of sanitary-epidemiological expertise for the position of  head of the laboratory, and in 2007 to the post of deputy director on economic issues.

In 2010, given the extensive experience of  practical and organizational improvements assigned to the position of deputy chief for epidemiological issues, of the Ural anti-plague station, and from 1 February 2011 headed by the aforementioned organization.

Ayazbayev T. Z. is actively involved in research work and international projects in the field of epidemiological monitoring of infectious diseases in Kazakhstan. He is  a postgraduate in Anti-plague SRI "Microbe", Saratov, Russian Federation.

From March 1, 2017 Ayazbayev T. Z. is the Director of  the M. Aikimbayev’s Kazak Scientific Center for Quarantine and Zoonotic Diseases.