1. Scientific-technical program

«Scientific ensuring of  increase  efficiency monitoring of dangerous biological factors of  the  environment, quarantine and natural-focal infections on the basis of modern technologies" Code number of program  О.0730. Terms of realization 2015-2017.

2. Grant projects of the MES RK.

1) "Geoinformation technologies in epidemiological surveillance of natural foci of especially dangerous infections and to ensure biological safety and bio protection of the  population in the Kazakh section of the transport corridor "Western China – Western Europe"" (2013-2015)

2) «Vaccines against CCHF with the use of DNA - recombinant technologies» (2015-2017).

3) «Molecular typing of  Yersinia pestis strains from  cross-border Sara-Dzhazsk  and  Prearalsk  natural plague foci with the use of MLVA and sequence analysis» (2015-2017)

4) «Development and production organization of domestic PCR  test systems for gene diagnosis of especially dangerous infectious diseases" (2015-2017)

5) «Genotyping and phylogenetic analysis of Vibrio cholerae strains allocated from the environment and from people in the Republic of Kazakhstan » (2015-2017)

Joint participation:

In  the STP  of Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the MES RK «New and re-emerging viral infection in the Republic of Kazakhstan:monitoring and creation of perspective biological products for their control» (2014-2016)

In grants of the MES RK:

«The study of genetic diversity and identifying genetic determinants of brucellas medicinal stability on the basis of MLVA  typing and sequencing» Scientific center of biotechnology of the MES RK (2015-2017).

Improvement of epidemiological monitoring on the circulation of brucellosis causative agent  in the RK, on the basis of implementation of innovative technologies for molecular-genetic typing of Brucella spp strains",Institute of molecular biology and biochemistry named after M. A. Aythozhin" MES (2015-2017).