&In the M. Aikimbayev's Kazakh Scientific Centre for Quarantine Zoonotic Diseases for the first time in 2016 during the period from november 23 to december 27 (270 h) specialists of veterinary service with the higher veterinary education were provided refresher training "Methods and techniques of work with especially dangerous infections of II – IV groups of pathogenicity". 24 trainees were trained for the MA RK from different regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Zhambyl, West Kazakhstan, Kostanai, Almaty. Karaganda, Pavlodar, East Kazakhstan regions and Astana city. Trainees were studied methods of security work with microorganisms of II-IV groups of pathogenicity; to rules of work with laboratory animals, studied of epidemiology, epizootiology, laboratory diagnosis of zoonotic infections (listeriosis, pasteurellosis, brucellosis and anthrax).

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          Курсанты обучались методам безопасной работы с микроорганизмами II-IV групп патогенности; правилам работы с лабораторными животными, изучили эпидемиологию, эпизоотологию, лабораторную диагностику зоонозных инфекций (листериоз, пастереллез,  бруцеллез и сибирская язва).